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One of the things that bonds us…

I loved all the amazing insights Jenna Wolfe had to share. Here’s Judy’s perspective on this standout interview.


4.26 Jenna Wolfe social post

I had the honor and privilege of interviewing former TODAY Show anchor Jenna Wolfe on my show this week, along with my awesome co-host Kristin West, and I was so impressed with her honesty and way of laying it all out there no matter what we were talking about. I asked her if she taught classes in how to be like that on camera LOL and in the end, she is just like one of us – trying to figure out who she is and staying true to that sense of self.

For in the end, we are only who we are from what we make of ourselves, right?

Listen to this epic interview, “Be Bold” here:

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Follow Actress & Producer Kristin West on her adventures, whether on a movie set, at a film festival or on her travels. Kristin co-hosts What Women Want Talk Radio on LA Talk Radio and is a contributor for MOGUL & Domain of Horror.

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