Hobby Lobby Hypocrisy

We all know Hobby Lobby has yarn, but this is a yarn that has traversed into reality.  Apparently, they’ve been fined for smuggling Iraqi artifacts out of war-torn Iraq as tile samples for their new Bible Museum.  These were very expensive tile samples–costing millions of dollars and likely hundreds of lives.

Moses had a tablet too, and I believe it said “Thou shalt not steal.”  Shame on you, Hobby Lobby.  Shame on you for taking advantage of a war-torn country.  Shame  on you for thinking you deserved Iraq’s cultural artifacts more than its own people.  Shame on you for asserting your moral authority over your employees and their bodies and then being a thief.  I wish Moses had gotten a tablet that had said, “Thou shalt not be a flagrant hypcrocrite,” because that is what you all are.



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