A Choice We Make

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of body positivity.pngWe all have issues.  We have things that make life complicated and unpleasant.Weight is a hot button for many people and they get caught in the trap of thinking and even saying, “if only I were thinner,” then waiting to lose weight so that something great and magical can happen for them.

The truth is, happiness is a choice we make each and everyday, fat or thin, young or old, healthy or unhealthy.  We can choose how we react to challenging circumstances.  We can meet them with resentment and an attitude of entitlement or we can meet them with gratitude and happiness.  Happy people choose to be happy, each and every day.  That’s not to say things don’t cause us sadness and pain, but we can’t hold onto our pain and anger like a badge of honor, because pain and anger chain us to the past and being happy is an experience that gets us and keeps us in the present, which is so full of so many beautiful things, if we’re paying attention.

Today, choose to be happy and see what it yields for you.

happy heart



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