You’re Not Your Packaging

Sometimes, we get gifts wrapped in pretty paper, topped with voluptuous, shiny bows.  Hopefully, the gift inside is just as great as the paper its wrapped in.  Sometimes, it’s not.  Many of us have had the experience of receiving a gift that was smartly gift-wrapped but perhaps wasn’t quite what we wanted or expected. 


christmas xmas gifts presents
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Too often, we are judged by what I call our packaging:  weight, skin color, ethnicity, wardrobe, etc, instead of what’s inside of us, our ideas, our passions, our character.  Today, let’s remember that we’re not our packaging although many in the world rush to classify us into boxes–with or without those shiny bows.  Today, let’s also consider how we can be a gift to other people, even if it’s just the gift of a smile or a kind word.   You are NOT your packaging.  What gift do you have to share?



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