Why I Love Faerie Doors

So often, we get in the trap of waiting, watching and hoping for that “big opportunity”.  Then, we end up sitting on our hands.  Waiting in itself is not bad.  Being choosy is not bad.  However, it’s rare that a “big opportunity”  just shows up out of nowhere.  More often and more likely,  large, big and important things come out of very small things, like saying hello to a new person.

img_3375I love having faerie doors in my home because my faerie doors remind me to create space for the smaller, unseen, unplanned things in my life.  You may or may not believe in faeries, but seeing the tiny doors throughout my home on a daily basis reminds me that great things often enter our life in small interactions, small moments and small kindnesses.  I’ve opened my home and my heart to a little magic and in that opening, some nice insights have come through those small doors.

We sometimes focus so much on the “big” things in life that we don’t give credence to the seemingly small.  The small builds the large.  While we’re waiting on a large knock on a big door, perhaps we can create some small doors too and see what comes in too.

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