Oddly Satisfying

This month, I have been delving into what I find “oddly satisfying”.  It’s been an interesting journey.  My journey started with an invitation from TikTok to make short videos. tiktok Here they are.

I had to choose a focus for these, so I focused on what I found visually satisfying, but this exploration was definitely a multi-sensory one.  Here’s what I’ve learned about myself so far:

  1.  I am very entranced by rotational movement.
  2. I am enthralled by the popping of balloons.
  3. Stabbing and puncturing stuff really does it for me too.

On a Myers-Briggs test, I usually test as an ENFJ, definitely more intuitive than sensory.  I’ve really had to cultivate sensory awareness.  This has been a great exercise for me because I’ve had to get out of my head and into engaging with everyday objects and I how I react to them–part weird science, part horror movie in some cases.

The one thing that surprised me was my reaction to the balloon popping, a mixed reaction of delight and scared-surprise.

landscape photo of green and red balloons
Photo by spemone on Pexels.com

I’m definitely going to remember this going forward in regards to acting.  There’s so much our bodies can communicate and react to that’s wordless and even a bit mysterious.  The visceral reactions I’ve had to these little experiments have all been interesting and informative.



I’ll leave you with the video, my TikTok homage to The Twilight Zone.  Not sure where else this “oddly satisfying” exploration will take me, but be sure to check out my TikTok profile and comment on my stuff.



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