The Generation Gap of Emoji Speak

Here’s some click bait for ya:

Language is a battleground, but really…

Policing emojis by age group is ageism, is it not?

I love old words–bequeath, sinew, curtal. We don’t ELIMINATE that vocabulary from the dictionary or polite parlance if they’re out of fashion (with very few exceptions). Are we now in the Middle Emoji of Emoji Speak, heading into Modern Emoji?

The emoji language is one of emotions and nouns, with verbs implied, highly consumer capitalist in nature to boot. I think there’s a much deeper issue here, because it’s not a COMPLETE language. Or is it–in the sense that it’s a language of non-doing? We see the runner, but not the running, the chef but not the cooking, etc. There’s deep philosophical questions under it, beyond this generational war click bait the mass media subjects us all to every few years.

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