Seahorses in Space

This week I took a big step in my NFT journey and minted my first major collection. I’ve always had a fascination with the ocean and space and I love merging the two spaces in a fun, quirky way.

Catch the whole collection on OpenSea.

You can shop the whole collection on OpenSea. These are a fun NFT to add to your collection and are priced at .01 ETH (+/- $30 USD). I’d appreciate a LIKE of the art, even if you are not inclined to purchase at this time.

2022: Obstacles to Our Idealism

Saturday was the start of the new year, so Saturn is in the driver’s seat this year, with Saturn in Aquarius.  Expect idealism and idealists to get a reality check.  

Obstacles with technology are to be expected.  Updates may be hard to install or not work.  Choose wisely when buying tech, either the tangible good or tech stocks.  NASDAQ and FANG stocks will be sluggish all year long.   This year you may see a lot of platforms we’ve had around for decades now (Facebook, Twitter) literally rebuilding.  The Metaverse is getting built now.  It’s not a fad.  

Builders, banks and construction will make headlines this year. Eco-friendly buildings like earth ships may trend.  Smart-homes and appliances may have significant security breaches.    Movements for housing and banking equality will gain momentum.  

Saturn is the planet of paternity and patriarchy.  With Saturn in Aquarius, I expect to see older men taking strong progressive stands for the good of humanity.  We’re looking at you, Bernie Sanders. 

A generational conflict is brewing in this year.  The Aquarian story is the tale of Ganymede, the boy cup bearer to Zeus.  With Saturn in Aquarius, there is the possibility the #MeToo movement will shed light on abuses against underage boys that had previously not been investigated.  Gen Z-ers are also keenly aware of their elders’ faults and failures at this time and will be very vocal about them.     

Under the Saturn retrograde, in June til late October, expect headlines about when nations knew or had encounters with extra-terrestrial life (or even another dimension).  

The holiday season of 2022 closes with a Mercury Retrograde.  Shop early for your items.  Processing returns after mid-December will be more difficult and you may have buyer’s remorse.  

The key to this year, overall, is to stay as grounded as possible.  There will be sensational headlines, there will be peeks into disruptive future technologies, but you have to live in the now.  

ARIES–Aries continues to process old wounds under the influence of Chiron.  They are taking their power back in observable ways in 2022.  Aries are learning to re-birth themselves and bringing many old cycles of hurt to a close, once and for all.  This year is a real “hero’s journey” for Aries.  November through the end of the year, Aries may feel sluggish and have difficulty making decisions, during the Mars retrograde.  They need to make the most of the of their time through April, as Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, goes retrograde in their sign starting in May.  Aries needs to digest all that they’ve learned in this year and last year and reflect, instead of charging forward at a breakneck pace.  

Tarot:  Queen of Wands  

Find the fun of flirtation again.  Work on your poise, confidence and charm.  Captivate an audience.

TAURUS–Taurus may start the year feeling kind of blah because of the Venus retrograde.  Venus is their ruler and their sentiments improve come springtime.  Taurus continues to surprise themselves and others with seemingly “out of character” moves.  They may have to temper this impulse in late summer when Uranus goes retrograde in their sign.  The eclipses of the year are on focused on Taurus and Scorpio energies, so Taurus has a much balancing still to do.  However, Taurus’ task in 2022 is to become the most authentic version of themselves, with the North Node of the Moon going into Taurus in late January.    

Tarot:  Three of Swords, Reversed

Don’t feed your old wounds.  It’s time to rip the band-aid off and move on from hurtful situations and people.  

GEMINI–Gemini seems to be in the last critical lap of a huge self improvement race at the beginning of 2022.  They don’t need to push so hard to be the “best version” of themselves after late January.  The work, for now, is done. Geminis are particularly sensitive to their ruling planet, Mercury.  Mercury passes through Gemini in May during a retrograde, and they may feel like taking off-handed remarks personally.  They need to guard against gaffes at that time as well, as it will show on them particularly severely.  If Gemini finds themselves losing passion for something or someone starting in November, take the time to examine your feelings.  A much deeper issue might be bubbling to the surface about what you feel called to fight for.  Old hurts may show you new ways to be an activist. 

Tarot:  Ace of Swords AND Ten of Swords, Reversed

A new start is available to you if you can freshen up your perspective about a betrayal.  You’re not a loser.  You’re a survivor. 

CANCER–Cancer feels out-of-sorts at the beginning of 2022.  In matters of love, Cancer feels love should heal all, but banks and lawyers may feel differently.  Cancers must learn to value themselves, and much self love is called for in the first quarter of the year. Cancer’s flow of money should correct starting in late November and if they can dream it, they can monetize it.  However, if they are to attain some of their loftier goals, they need to work on putting their old fears and wounds aside, especially around their father and mother’s relationship.  Cancer needs to assess what secrets they may be keeping from themselves just to keep up the status quo and air those out.  Business communications may be tenuous in the last week of the year, due to the late December Mercury retrograde.  

Tarot:  The Magician

You can manifest what you want, but you’ll need to be clever about it.  Now is the time to hone your skills.  Trust your instincts. 

LEO–Leos may be mystified on why everyone is taking everything so seriously in 2022.  Leos are keenly attuned to farce and hypocrisy this year.  Your fave Leo might being saying “I told you so,” a lot.  Leo needs to look at how they handle conflict at the spring and fall eclipses.  They may have unacknowledged feelings that need to be examined.  Love prospects in 2022 are meager.  Not many are really a good fit for Leo’s bouncy energy in 2022.   Leo’s best chance of finding love in 2022 is at their own birthday party.   A birthday date may be Leo’s chance at love. 

Tarot:  Eight of Cups  

Stop stalling on moving away from a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation.  Inertia is a decision.  

VIRGO–For Virgo to grow in 2022, they need to conceptualize rather than plan.  They know how to plan.  They need to sell their vision.  If they can do that, they stand to make some impressive money in the first five months of the year.  It’s a good time to create a romance out of your business or service, with the Pisces and Taurus influences in the first half of the year.  The September Mercury retrograde could instigate a fallout with someone in close proximity, a neighbor, a lover  or a roommate.  Watch your words throughout September.  

Tarot:  Seven of Swords

Take back what’s yours quietly.  Don’t broadcast your plans unless you want them to fail.  

LIBRA–Libra is probably already over 2022.  Starting the year in a Venus retrograde has been a real downer for Librans.  Springtime cheers Libras up.  Improvements in finances occur early in 2022 when Libra gets a little selfish and assertive.  Keep this up til late July and you’ll see big results in your bank account.  Libra is particularly magnetic around their birthday this year and may find a special new friend to celebrate their season with.  Libras must watch their communication during the September Mercury retrograde.  It is not the time to sign any partnership agreements in September, personal or business.  Postpone until mid October, or you may be disappointed. Libra needs to look at the shadow side of their innate altruism starting in mid July.  There is a line between being a helper and an enabler.  

Tarot:  Ace of Cups

Offer yourself the love you deserve.  A fresh start in love is possible for you in 2022.  Have coffee with someone you want to get out of the friend zone.  

SCORPIO–Scorpio’s pragmatic transformation continues in 2022.  From April through October, they need to lean on lessons learned from a father, uncle or grandfather.  These lessons might not have been perfect, or sweet, but still beneficial.  Scorpios may suffer from indecision or apathy from Halloween through the end of the year.  It may be they’re having a hard time communicating their passions.  The eclipses of this year highlight Scorpionic energies.  In May, Scorpio may have a much-needed emotional release.  In late October, Scorpio will be presenting themselves differently, for the better.  Keep your calendar light in late October for self-care. 

Tarot:  The Chariot, reversed

Stay still.  You’ll see more than you expected if you’re quieter and more passive this year.  

SAGITTARIUS–Sagittarius has been confronting their dark side and past but will have a respite from that deep work starting in late January.  They may struggle starting new projects from August til December.  New projects need to be started sooner rather than later.  It’s okay to feel foolish from time to time.  Everyone is a beginner at something, and if you embrace your inner fool, you can eventually become the king or queen of your own kingdom.  Something Sagittarius starts on the last days of Pisces or early when the sun is in Aries manifests around the holidays.  Be patient with apparent dormancy.  Sagittarians need to remind themselves that manifestation is a process.  

Tarot:  Ace of Coins

A new project yields great financial rewards.  Invest wisely, but don’t forget to pinch pennies from time to time.  

CAPRICORN–Capricorns get some relief this year, when their ruler, Saturn, moves out of their sign.  However, Capricorn is still molting under the influence of Pluto.  Capricorn must continue to expect and embrace the unexpected in 2022.  Until spring, they need to focus on their wounds around love, the sacred feminine and sexuality. Daddy issues may need to be acknowledged.   This healing work, undertaken while Venus is in retrograde in their sign, will pave the way for a brighter romantic future.  Unexpected money and bounty could manifest this year as well.  Try to keep your ego in check, especially in the latter part of the year.  Yes, you deserve credit for all your amazing leadership, but a skilled leader also uplifts other. 

Tarot:  Three of Pentacles

You’ll be noticed for the excellent work you do.  You are gaining mastery in your chosen field.  Keep up the excellent work.  

AQUARIUS–Aquarius’ mettle gets tested this year, when Saturn, their-co-ruler moves into their sign.  This is definitely a “karma cleanse” year for Aquarius, and they should focus on creating as much good karma as they can.  Many Aquarians will find changes of their long-held plans irksome, but instead of fighting those changes, they need to embrace re-direction.  A simpler solution, instead of their more elaborate imaginings, is called for.  In fact, Aquarius’ theme for the year is redirection and a certain amount of surrender is called for, especially around the spring and fall eclipses this year.  

Tarot:  Eight of Cups, reversed

It’s time to say “enough is enough” and move on to greener pastures.  A fallow field produces no crops.  Find the right environment for you to succeed.  

PISCES–Pisces may have fitful sleep the second half of the year.  Keeping a dream journal, especially in the second half of the year, could be a great source of healing for Pisceans. Pisces should test their luck in the first half of 2022, with Jupiter in Pisces.   They should act on any money-making ideas they have in the first half of they year.  There will also be much celebration, parties and gatherings (COVID-safe) of course.  They could receive an award near their birthday.  The Mercury retrograde of September may have them feeling down.  The devil is in the details  during that retrograde, so be sure to have details of any proposals fleshed out fully.  Tiny details in September could cause big headaches.  

Tarot:  Eight of Pentacles

You’ll be working hard for you money, but expect to make bank.  You’re called to be as self-sufficient as possible this year.  

NFTs Roar with Uranus in Taurus

Last year, 2021, I predicted that the art market would upswing.

And then…

NFTs came on the scene. In fact “NFT” has become Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2021. Dizzying prices for non-fungible tokens of art and other tokens have made headlines.

During the pandemic, I took to painting, and painted 200+ pieces during 2021. Now they are available to you as NFTs.

My work is available on:




Also, find some fun NFTs on Bubblehouse! More NFTs will be coming soon. I love testing what the blockchain can do for creatives. Keep tabs on my Twitter for real time updates on new NFTs.

Happy New Year!

Are We Numb to the Numbers?

“As of today, April 30,2020, there have been 63,538 deaths in the USA, with roughly 2000 of those deaths occurring today. 

I wrote this in April of 2020. Today is 8/14/2021. One year and nearly 5 months later, 630,875 are dead.

Are we numb to the numbers? We certainly aren’t immune. Two thousand more died today.

Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Get vaccinated. Teach the ignorant. Counsel the doubtful. Bury the dead.

Free Tarot Readings on Pococha!

Many of you know that I am a tarot reader and astrologer. If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to get a tarot reading from me, I’ve got an opportunity for you. I have recently begun livestreaming tarot readings on Pococha, one of Japan’s most successful streamings apps, which has recently debuted in the U.S. I am usually on daily at 3 PM PT. Follow me at @thekristinwest on Pococha and join my Tarot Time Family so you’ll always been in the loop. It’s a high vibe tribe on this fun app. I hope to see you!

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The Central Authority reminds you to watch tubi

The Central Authority reminds you to watch “The Central Authority”.

We’ve been very grateful for a successful festival run so far. We were honored by Poor Life Choices Film Festival as Best Dark Comedy Feature and by Bare Bones International Film Festival as Best Comedy Feature. We’re so thankful to all the brave film festivals that are continuing to have virtual and hybrid events as we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now you can watch the flick on Tubi!

See it here!

2021: A Venusian YEar

The new year starts on a Friday.  It’s a Venusian year.  We are called to love–love ourselves, love our partner, love our neighbor.

Venus  rules all things related to beauty. Beauty and fashion will make big headlines.  If by the second part of the year social-distancing relaxes, I predict a fashion boom.  People want to be seen again.  Luxury fashion and goods do exceptionally well under this kind of energy.  Cosmetics, cosmetology, massage therapists, et al, bounce back big. 

Photo by Free Creative Stuff on

The fine art market thrives under the influence of Venus. Venus is one of the most painted figures in all of art.   

Taurus and Libra will have an amplified year, especially those born on a Friday.  Friday the 13th in 2021 might have extra oomph.  

Matters of the heart, love and sex all get a boost for better or worse under Venus.  If we can get COVID under control, it will be a banner year for the wedding industry.  

The Card of The Year–The Knight of Pentacles, Reversed, clarified by the Chariot

Money will come very slowly.  The recovery will be slow. After a warp pace 2020, things will seem at a snail’s pace for the first six months of the year.  New thinking has to be implemented.  After July, things move much faster under the influence of the Chariot.  Patience wins the day in the first six months of the year. 2021 is not a time to get emotionally hung up on the past.  Stay present as you move ever so slowly towards the future.   

Banking processes and money transfers may be slow for the first part of the year.  There will be stalls in funding.  

Car sales are up in the second part of the year.  Home sales, mortgage lenders, real estate and their ancillaries also see a boom in the second part of the year.  It seems that equilibrium is re-established and that there’s a predictable trajectory most people can rely on. Our psycho-emotional GPS is back.

Now, for the individual signs:

Aries–The Emperor–The card of 2021 for you is The Emperor, which is your tarot card!  You’re in your element.  You’re thinking and building big and stepping into higher levels of leadership and mastery this year.  Be careful to build teams while building your empire.  Your leadership skills, courage and can-do attitude will be highly prized in 2021.  Your best time of year will be when the sun is in your sign, so celebrate your birthday to the max and start new ventures around your birthday.

Taurus–7 of Pentacles–The seeds you planted in 2020, probably fertilized with blood, sweat, tears and a good dash of poo are starting to sprout, but continue to keep patient.  Prune away what’s blocking these seedling ideas and ventures from getting the time and attention they deserve.  Keep your feet firmly on the ground.  You will continue to have great seedling ideas, but ask yourself “How can I ground this into reality?”.  Your best seasons are when the sun is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn this year.  Grow your visions into reality during these times. Waning moons in Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus are watershed times for you. Use them.

Gemini–Queen of Cups, Reversed–In 2021, it’s time to ask yourself the big head-versus-heart questions, Gemini.  Are you pouring precious energy into people and situations that aren’t filling your cup?  Reciprocity is your big challenge in 2021.  Don’t let others drain you dry emotionally.  It’s time to balance how you are giving and receiving.  Chances are you are giving way too much to people that have too little to offer you.  Give some of that love and care to yourself in 2021.  This will become really clear when the sun or moon is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.  Keep a lunar journal!

Cancer–2 of Wands–You’re re-envisioning a bigger, better, bolder future for yourself, dear Cancer.  What you desire has global reach and impact.  Go for it, but be sure to also look at what’s happening right in front of you too.  Think globally and act locally this year.  You have a tremendous need for stability.  Don’t lean on others too hard for support as you transform.  Part of this journey is learning how to lean on yourself more.  You’ll have the most momentum when the sun is Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.  The second half of the year, you’ll be moving so fast you’re head will spin. Hope you like race car driving!

Leo–8 of Pentacles–You’ll be working hard in 2021, but the good news is that you’ll be making a mint for yourself in the process.  You’re perfecting the details of your process.  Your stamina and tenacity inspire others.  Keep up the good work and the good work you’re doing will keep you flush in 2021.  New doors open for you throughout the year.  Keep a dry cleaned suit or dress ready in your closet at all times “just in case”.  Opportunity opens up when you least expect it.  You’ll feel this energy most when the sun is in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Virgo–9 of Pentacles, Reversed–This is a card full of native Virgo energy.  The new year may not have you feeling quite yourself.  You want to be partnered, as a opposed to going it alone.  The old maxim “Wealth is empty when it is not shared” may be ringing too true for you.  You long to share your abundance.  You’re being called to do some intense self-love this year.  Yes, even more.  Scout out new directions and possibilities.  The tried and true has become the boring and blah.  Experiment.  You’ll have clarity when the sun is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Libra–Page of Swords, Reversed–Libra, you’re learning a new skill or a new process in 2021.  Stick with it.  It’s a bit of an uphill battle for you.  Don’t give up too soon.  Just when you want to give up and drop it, it comes to you.  Allow your process.  Every mistake is part of the process.  Get clear on your “why” this year in all areas of your life.  Why do you want this partner, that job, that car, etc?  You’ll find there’s much going on below the surface that needs unpacking.  Breakthroughs in insight come when the Sun, Moon or Mercury is in Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. 

Scorpio–10 of Wands–Time to drop some burdens.  You’re carrying too many people, projects, products, regrets.  Too much of a good thing even….It’s time to halve what isn’t yielding results or happiness.  Clinging to the past won’t bring the good feelings associated with it back.  Get clear on your priorities or you stand to wear yourself out in 2021.  Yes, you’re strong.  However, there’s no point in arriving to your personal version of success and happiness half dead.  It will be clearest to you when the sun is in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius what dross needs to be burned away.

Sagittarius–4 of Cups–Apathy and indecision may cloud your judgment this year.  Offers are coming to you, but you may not be able to give them a whole-hearted yes.  Cycles of four are important.  Give things four hours, four days, four weeks, four months before saying no or yes as appropriate.  There’s been a longstanding tension between having to do what perceived  you must do and what your heart truly, deeply wanted.  This year is the year to bridge that.  Add some orange to your life to restore your zest.  You’ll feel this when the moon is in Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.  

Capricorn–King of Pentacles, Reversed–Capricorn, you start 2021 a little off.  After some major astrological energy in your sign in 2020, suddenly, it’s a ceasefire.  Its’ time to drop your defenses and re-invest in yourself a bit.  Most of your siege is over.  Let your passion come through.  Your reserve has been running your life for too long.  Capricorns walk their walk.  It’s time to talk and to advertise to monetize more.  Things are dropping out of your life like autumn leaves.  Allow nature to take it’s course.  You’re feeling this now, as the sun is in Capricorn, again when the sun is in Taurus and in Virgo and again in late December.  Allow this release so the new can come in gracefully.  

Aquarius–Ace of Wands, Reversed–In 2021, you’ll want to take action, Aquarius, but feel intimidated by the task at hand.  Take the first step, even if it’s scary.  Walk softly and carry that big wand and you’ll see big results.  You have to direct others at this time.  Be sure what you’re asking for is crystal clear and actionable and the results will be compelling.  Acting large and in charge is your calling in 2021.  Go big or go home when the sun is in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  You’ll see huge gains.  

Pisces–Temperance, Reversed–Pisces, 2021 is a balancing act.  Remember titration from high school chemistry class?  You’ll be titrating all year long.  Subtle, careful moves are called for, but you also need to know when to say “enough is enough”.  You’ll be shepherding a lot of transitions this year:  graduations, changing schools, moving and other life or business events in that vein.  The culmination of this will be when the sun is in Sagittarius, but you’ll feel it during the last week of every sun sign and at the equinoxes.  Embrace your inner alchemist in 2021.  

May your 2021, be safe, well, prosperous, happy and beautiful!

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