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OCT 15- OCT 21

Read your sun, as well as your ascendant & moon sign if you know them.



aries bitmo


Your need to achieve is strong this week, but don’t get discouraged if things don’t move at your usual breakneck pace.  The results you’re looking for may take some time.  You’re not used to get rewarded for your patience, but patience is the way right now.  Don’t blame a partner for a lack of speed.  The end of the week, be wary if something sounds too good to be true.  Power color:  black  Affirmation:  I am building something that will last.
taurus bitmo

Don’t resist progress, even if you are iffy about the means.  Sometimes, strength is proven by the willingness to change and bend.  You may find some people’s need for control of finances disconcerting.  Seek a compromise.  Put something important to you on a timeline for maximum success this week.  You know slow and steady wins the race, but don’t leave too much unplanned.  Power color:  lime green  Affirmation:  I manifest my best life.





By midweek, your agile mind is firing a mile a minute.  Trust your hunches.  That electricity in the air you feel is real.  Moreover, trust an ending.  Better things are coming.  Bigger dreams are materializing.  Take some time to acknowledge any fears that have kept you chained to a situation you’ve outgrown.  You may feel the weight of a self-imposed deadline acutely.  Breathe.  Power color: indigo  Affirmation:  I take charge and I charge forward.




cancer bitmo


It’s not you, Cancer.  It may seem like the world is not cozy and warm and inviting.  True, many people are inordinately concerned about deadlines and ultimatums, but you can sneak around those.  Find the person who’s really in control–and most importantly, acknowledge your own control over your own life.  This weekend, it’s time to dream, but keep a toehold on reality.  Power color:  baby blue  Affirmation:  I am the boss of me.




leo bitmo


Group politics may be grating at you.  Don’t underestimate your natural charm.  If you want to disrupt a group dynamic that’s not going your way, a little charm will get things moving in the right direction.  Trying to overtly control a situation, though, doesn’t pay.  Be subtle.  Midweek, this power play comes to a head.  Smile! Power color:  pink  Affirmation:  I am a vital member of my group.
virgo bitmo

You like more flexibility than is afforded to you early in the week.  Don’t fight the schedule you have.  Shift what you can.   Don’t chase windmills, especially late in the week, when it will be very enticing to do do.  It might be time to revisit some dreams long put aside.  How can you reshape them?  The past is powerful for you right now, if you can bring the lessons of the past into present.  Power color:  mint green  Affirmation:  I integrate my past, present and future. 



libra bitmo


Trust the transformation that’s occurring, even if the timeline makes you jittery.  You passion for a new idea lights up midweek.  You’ll need friends to actualize this lightning flash of inspiration.  However, it is your time to take the lead, so feel free to delegate.  Control issues come up.  Don’t indulge stubbornness.    Power color:  purple  Affirmation:  I share the excitement of my vision.




scorpio bitmo


You’re making strides in a money issue and you’ve got the magic words to make something happen, but be patient with cleaning up an obstacle from the past.  Charm disarms any stubbornness or upheaval.  Midweek, it’s all about how your choices impact others–not just your immediate kin, but your peers and even, society as a whole.  Think big. Power color:  yellow  Affirmation:  I brighten all situations I find myself in.  


sagittarius bitmo


 Overt power plays aren’t serving you at the moment.  Try to find a better balance.  You’ll find it more satisfying.   Stick to your principals, especially about what you’re passionate about and you’ll get past some of your apathy as of late.  Don’t try to obfuscate your feelings.  Tell someone how your really feel about a disappointment.  A little forgiveness can fee up a great deal of your normally infectious energy.  Power color:  lavender  Affirmation:  I set myself fee.



Capricorn bitmo


If someone asks you what you’re secret is, you usually tell them you work so hard.  However, that’s half the story.  You’re also formidable when it comes to timing.  Your intuition is dialed in early in the week.  Take notes.   Late in the week, keep your big plans big, but grounded in reality and make contingencies.  Balance your priorities to reflect your new understandings.  Power color:  brown  Affirmation:  I am on time.






That passion project you have gets a big boost midweek.  Allow your enthusiasm to spread and get help from others.  There are many willing collaborators around you now.  Those around you are hungering for depth, so dive deep and embrace conflicting viewpoints if it serves you.  Power color:  white  Affirmation:  I breathe easily.





Reveal your deep feelings and concerns to a trusted advisor or friend.  That will give your the clarity to embrace the good that’s in store for your late in the week.  It’s time to air out some fears that long outlasted their protective function in your life.  Expect people to rely on your flexibility for awhile.  Make sure it pays off.  Power color:  green  Affirmation:  I unburden myself of fears and pain so I can carry more blessings.






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