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AUG 12-AUG 18

Read your sun, as well as your ascendant & moon sign if you know them.



aries bitmo


Part of you is screaming, “It’s not fair.”  It may not be fair.  Domestic issues cause big squabbles especially Tuesday and Wednesday.  Try to focus on what “is” rather than what appears to be lacking.  By Saturday, you’ll find an arrangement that works best.  Power color:  pink Affirmation:  We’re better together even when we are not at our best.
taurus bitmo

You’re getting pushed in a new direction that’s more liberal than you usually like to lean.  It’s time to practice counterpoint and counterbalance.  The simplest, most direct way won’t get you what you’re after right now.  Take some time to discern where to expand and where to contract, especially late in the week.  Luck will find you if you tolerate some complications.  Power color:  gray Affirmation:  I move with ease in challenging circumstances.





You find the details beguiling and charming on Monday.  Midweek, you’ll be able to say what you mean to your love and feel vulnerable yet strong.  There’s a fairness issue that’s been simmering between you.  The good news is you can communicate about it openly.  You’ll be ready to act on your insights by the weekend.  A journey is in the stars for you, even if it’s just down the street.  Power color:  yellow Affirmation:  My heart and my ears are open.



cancer bitmo


Midweek, your detractors may cry foul, that something is unfair or that you had an unfair advantage.  You’re not everyone’s mother.  You don’t have to soothe everyone.  Late in the week, a circumstance that you thought you had under control comes front and center.  Don’t overreact.  There’s a secret benefit to all that’s brewing, even if it’s not readily apparent. Power color:  peach  Affirmation:  I must meet my needs before I extend myself to others.  



leo bitmo


You’re getting closer to achieving a big goal, Leo, but don’t rush.  Now is not the time to be overtly aggressive.  A certain detachment will get you further in the long run.  Saboteurs reveal themselves on Thursday and Friday.  The question is what do about them.  A weekend retreat or meditation class on Saturday does you a world of good. Power color:  lavender Affirmation:  I win some and I lose some but I always win in the end.  

virgo bitmo

Monday and Tuesday, you’ll be feeling like the world is your oyster.  Other folks will acknowledge you might have that oyster too. Be careful about maintaining your boundaries into the weekend.  Someone wants to test what you’re made of.  Don’t fight fire with fire.  Use a new tactic.  Smokescreens work well.  Power color:  navy Affirmation:  I know my strengths and I use them.



libra bitmo


It’s time to say yes, Libra.  If it feels good this week, especially Tuesday and Wednesday, it is good.  Your intuition is dialed in and your luck is very good right now.  Use some of that extra oomph and charm and do something good for yourself.  There’s still obstacles and personality issues hovering around, but use your fresh perspective to win.  Power color:  white and pink Affirmation:  I magnetize what I want, need and deserve.


scorpio bitmo


There’s an old pattern of behavior attached to your security that needs to die, Scorpio.  It’s a habit that has outlasted its usefulness.  Create some new patterns by brainstorming a bit.  Thursday and Friday, fresh ideas and perspective mean big rewards can be yours.  Don’t fight old battles, especially against groups of people.  It’s time to be a little detached and let the drama distract someone else.  Power color:  black  Affirmation:  I move with ease and grace toward what’s truthful for me.  


sagittarius bitmo


The details don’t add up early in the week, Sagittarius.  You’re looking at the problem through a cracked lens.  Your ego wants the story to go one way, but you can’t time travel to the past and make what you feel happened cohere with what actually happened.  Careful about clamoring for justice midweek.  There might not be sympathetic ears for your cause.  Saturday, you know what you want.  Don’t scatter your energies.  Power color:  red  Affirmation:  I am clear and I see clearly.



Capricorn bitmo


Fussing over the details early in the week paves the way for structural changes midweek, especially in matters of partnerships.  You enjoy being self sufficient, self-contained and self-reliant, but ignoring the weak spots of a partnership could be problematic going forward.  At the end of the week, don’t let a secret or a move to control you catch your blindsided.  Keep calm and fixed on your goals.  It’s okay to be angry, but don’t make a rash move in response to an unpleasant surprise or revelation.  Power color:  purple  Affirmation:  I deal with my challenges and I make the best deal possible. 





Someone’s making it all about them and it’s starting to get under your skin.  By week’s end, you’re fed up with the proliferation of secrets, especially secrets intended to control what you think and what you say.  Don’t make this personal.  It’s not a man vs man, conflict.  It’s a man vs society conflict.  Don’t scapegoat, lest someone “gets your goat”.  Power  color:   brown  Affirmation:  I stand up against injustice.




Monday and Tuesday, you’ll feel like a fish-out-of-water.  Dealing with the minutia kills your vibe, but it’s necessary.  Try to see the inter-connectedness of it all.  At the end of the week, a mystery will present itself for you to ponder.  Have a life vest, albeit a psychic life vest.  Don’t take everything at face value.  Dive deeper.  By Saturday, a pilgrimage may be in order to celebrate your new understanding.    Power color:  teal Affirmation:  As above, so below.

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