December 2019

Read your sun, as well as your ascendant & moon sign if you know them.


aries brunette


If career isn’t on you mind, it should be.  You’re changing the face you show to the public for the better.  You’re all business now, but mostly you’re in the business of rebuilding yourself after some major obstacles.  Between the 9th and 11th, expect some communication about travel or a matter abroad.  You’ll have an important epiphany on the 12/11 Gemini full moon.
taurus brunette


Expect a truth bomb early in the month.  Mars, the fighter and Mercury, the communicator oppose your sun and Uranus.  It seems like there’s some unfinished anger from the past that’s needing to be processed.  Happy Holidays?!  The Gemini full moon on 12/11 gives you’re the opportunity to put some past nonsense to bed in a (long) conversation.  By the 19th, Venus in Aquarius restores your hope for a fresh, innovative start.



gemini brunette


You’ve been doing a lot of self-work and you’ll feel the fullness of your process on 12/11.  Take a moment to honor your process and progress.  Jupiter moves out of opposite Sagittarius, into Capricorn, which may have you loosing a little momentum.  Make sure you understand what’s required before brainstorming and planning.



cancer brunette


Cancer, you either have to use the tension or loose it.  Pick one.  There’s a lot of planetary tension with so many planets moving into Capricorn.  It’s a good time to assert yourself and your boundaries with Mars in Scorpio throughout the month, with support from Mercury until 12/9.  If you need to speak assertively to someone, do it by the 9th.  With Jupiter moving into Capricorn, you’ll be challenged to distill something down to its essence.  Cut out the inessential.




leo brunette


Leo, you’ll  be feeling wise and adventurous for most of the month.  Discussion of philosophy, spirituality and archaeology might stir your imagination.  Venus moves into your opposite sign Aquarius on 12/19.  Opposites can attract.  If you’re unsure on the 12/11 Gemini full moon, focus on points of agreement if you’re deeply attracted to someone.  Agreeing to disagree can be a love-able thing.


virgo brunette


You have powerful grounding energies tempering your vision this month.  A new venture ( or should we say empire) is about to be built.  Keep your fantasies about what’s possible grounded and realistic, but do dream big.  Do make sure you have a firm foundation for what you’re dreaming up.  The Gemini full moon on 12/11, challenges how you communicate.  Try to reconcile opposites.


libra brunette


Take stock of what you thought was unfair when you were a kid.  Some of those same fairness issues may still grate at you.  Work on healing this 12/11 through 12/28.  It may be a good time to honestly look at how the dynamics of your parents’ relationships may still be influencing you.






scorpio brunetteGot something to say to someone this month?  Boundary-setting communication is favored til 12/9.  You’ll be able to communicate clearly, and passionately.  Surprises from the past will continue to challenges your beliefs about yourself and others.  You’ll find respite in your fantasies and daydreams.  Surprise money may be on its way too, now that Jupiter is in Capricorn and Uranus remains in Taurus.



sagittarius brunette


The Gemini full moon on 12/11 has you healing splits and splitting behaviors within yourself.  It’s time to drop black/white, all-or-nothing thinking and embrace a more tolerant head space.  Though there’s possibility of making good money and strides in career, be sure you engage in more intensive, regular self-care.  The heavy Capricorn energy increases as the month progresses and you may not feel quite yourself.  Concentrate on your joy and levity.



capricorn brunette


Happy Holidays, Capricorn!  You have a lot to celebrate this season.  You’re magnetizing success, riches and more this month, with Venus and Jupiter in your sign.  If you’ve needed the extra resources or enthusiasm to rebuild or restructure something in your life, now is the time.  You can dig deep and build to the loftiest heights.  Get working, Capricorn!




aquarius brunette


This month has you feeling hemmed in, Aquarius.  You’re all about the new, the cutting edge, the revolutionary, but everyone else is waxing nostalgic and wanting the tried-and-true.  The path to shaking this up is to embrace beauty and the tangible.  You’ll have an uptick in your natural attractiveness after 12/19.  Go on a date!



pisces brunette


With Mars in Scorpio til just after the New Year, it may be time to own some unacknowledged anger, resentments or unfinished battles before fa-la-la-la-ing.  Taking some time to re-build bridges is especially productive before 11/9.  Til mid-month, you’ll also have a burst of creative productivity—and the results may be tangible, like a model.






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