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JUNE 18-25

Read your sun, as well as your ascendant & moon sign if you know them.



aries bitmo

You have a lot to say, Aries, but you’re having a hard time keeping those deep emotions in check this week.  Focus on what’s going to heal you, Aries, instead of focusing on zinging someone else.  Overthinking early in the week, leads to a showdown midweek.  Save your mental energy.  Not every battle is yours to fight.   Power color:  white  Affirmation:  I am the calm in the storm.



taurus bitmo


Is it good or bad tension?  Sometimes, tension is good…sexual tension.  Sometimes, tension is bad…chronic tension.  A little discernment will go a long way this week for you, Taurus.  Friday’s Scorpio moon and retrograde Jupiter’s passage through secretive Scorpio could make for uncomfortable discoveries or revelations.  How much is too much, Taurus?  Power color:  black  Affirmation:  I embrace the truth and the truth embraces me.




A friend may need your help this week.  Stand up and be someone’s champion and right a wrong, especially with your flair for words midweek.  They won’t forget your kindness.  Pen that new play or screenplay or other dramatic idea you’ve had stewing early in the week.   . Power color:  blue   Affirmation:  I am a champion.



cancer bitmo


You’re so close, Cancer, yet so far.  The planets have been dancing in and out of your sign lately a bit, so you almost feel at home.  Remember this, “almost” feeling.  It’s quite instructive.  Your self concept needs a readjustment this week.  Did you or someone else put you in a box?  It’s a mighty small box, Cancer.  Get out of it.  Power color:  red  Affirmation:  I define me.



leo bitmo

Make love or make war, Leo.  That’s the choice you’ll be making this week.  There’s no gray area here.  Make friends with your rivals if you can and bury that hatchet if necessary.  Petty rivalries that you keep now will cost you dearly in the long run.  Don’t let your pride get the best of you.  The airy Libra moon midweek gets you back in balance and gives you an emotional breath of fresh air.  Power color:  pink  Affirmation:  My collaborations achieve optimum results.  
virgo bitmoMonday’s Virgo moon may have your waking life humming along efficiently, but you may toss and turn in your sleep a bit under the influence of Neptune retrograde in dreamy Pisces. Examine the details of your dreams.  Strong planetary influences in earth signs means everyone’s asking you if you remember or can find the key details.  Expect this trend to continue.  It’s time to step out of the large shadow of a male authority figure.    Power color:  indigo  Affirmation:  If I can dream it, I can be it. 



libra bitmo

Fussing over details and big personalities may chafe you at the beginning of the week, but you’ll find a little respite when the moon goes into Libra midweek.  Chiron, the wounded healer remains in Aries, so take a little time on Wednesday night to reclaim so of the “old you” you lost in a problematic relationship, be it a  love lost or a toxic work environment.  Journaling might help unearth some of the pent up feelings that have been festering in you for awhile.  Write freely.  No one has to read it but you.    Power color: green Affirmation:  I am not my pain.  I am my passion.  


scorpio bitmo


You’re seeing what no one else is seeing right now, Scorpio.  Feeling like Cassandra of Troy?  You may be feeling punished for your foresight right now.  If no one’s listening, do what you can with what you have.  This back flow of luck and prosperity will end soon.  Hold on tight. Power color:  orange  Affirmation:  The universe directs me towards my highest good.   


sagittarius bitmo

The cosmic pressure cooker just took some of the heat off of you, Sagittarius.  Monday’s Virgo moon makes you in the mood to polish some of your flights of fancy into something more solid and actionable.  Your dreams may get a little weird, even disturbing this week, especially referencing wounds deep in the past.  Don’t let that dampen your creativity.    Power color:  mint green  Affirmation:  I am in creation and creation is in me.



Capricorn bitmo

If it seems eveyone’s looking at your to make a move, it’s true, but don’t budge on your principals.  Saying what you feel comes easier now, even if your head and your heart are conflicted.  Embrace the conflict.  Everyone’s feeling it in some way.  Your public face and your private life are too much in conflict as of late.  You’re not an impostor.  You’re a human.  Ease up your expectations of yourself.  A focus on pesky details early in the week may annoy you, but looking at the details reveals hidden opportunities.  Power color:  yellow Affirmation:  I have the courage to be disliked.



aquariusYou see the path to the storied Promised Land, but those around you are too focused on mundane comforts to hear you.  It’s hard being an evangelist.  Friday reveals a secret that could put your worthy and unworthy opponents to rest.  Save your energy this week.  Romance can be passionate or combative under the current planetary influences.  Choose your reactions and words wisely.   Power color:  purple  Affirmation:  My voice is heard and I listen to my inner voice.



Wake up, Pisces.  Monday’s Virgo moon presents challenges.  All is not as simple as it appears, especially with Jupiter retrograde in mysterious, intense Scorpio.  It’s easier to say what you feel right now, even subtly and indirectly.  You’ll be nostalgic after Monday.  Don’t get caught up in “what ifs” and “what should have been-s”, but focus on lessons learned.   You may feel a little energy zapped starting Tuesday.  It will pass.  Power color:  black Affirmation:  I am the hero of my story.

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