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JUNE 2019

Read your sun, as well as your ascendant & moon sign if you know them.



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June promises an abundance of energy.  Your fire is fueled by chatty Gemini.  Novel ideas tempt you.  Even if you don’t feel lucky, with Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius, you’re growing spiritually.  Saturn and Pluto squaring off against your natal sun, with Mars in emo Cancer, means parenting issues may bring hard feelings, especially if you think your siblings are being favored over you.  Strike a balance between nurturing and discipline.  The full moon in Sagittarius on the 17th could bring a very enlightening road trip.  
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Ask that cutie out or rekindle romance by the 8th, before your ruler Venus leaves your sign.  This June, you may get agitated by so many around you itching to make changes that don’t make sense.  Try to compromise, mix the new and the old.  Home issues churn up strong emotions.  Use them; don’t get used by them.  Your dreams may provide important clues as to what’s causing you angst. 





Happy Birthday, Gemini.   You’ve got a spring in your step on the 3rd.  Set some powerful intentions on the Gemini New Moon.  You may feel hemmed in this month, with Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius.  Past finances may have to be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb, especially if you’re separating from a partner.  Challenge your assumptions and correct faulty thinking.  There is also a impetus to “get it done”.  You’re on the hunt for new opportunities and you’ll have clarity over what to keep and what to release on the 17th.  




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Cancer, are you passionate or petty?  Mars in your sign has you in the mood to stir the pot.  Make some spaghetti sauce instead.  Issues with males in your life–particularly fathers and bosses–may get out of hand if you give your powerful emotions too much free rein.    You’re a bit agitated by someone’s urge to expand a venture beyond what you feel is safe or wise.  Express your feelings…carefully, especially mid-month.   




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You have a lot of energy at your disposal in June, Leo, but it has to be focused.  You’ll be more emotionally centered after the 4th.  Avoid gossip.  Talk ideas and minimize power plays with people.  Emphasize friendship over competition and you’ll always win.  You’ll benefit more in the long term.  You may not be vibing well with a father or a boss right now.  Choose your battles.

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When the sun is in Gemini, it’s like Virgo’s favorite cousin has come to town.  Embrace friends and kindred spirits to make new connections early in the month.  Mercury, your ruler moves into Cancer on the 4th.  Speak from the heart.  You don’t need your powerful intellect to impress someone.  Agitation with a non-committal person, especially in business, may slow a good opportunity.  On the 17th, this issue may get out of control.  Don’t react too quickly.  This can be a good career month for you, so maintain your excellence.



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Is your social calendar full yet?  The first week of June promises interesting conversations.  However, there are two sided to every coin and some people may be hiding their less affable qualities, be counterfeit.  A change of scenery may reset your radar for the better.  Don’t hesitate to take a day trip to unwind if necessary.  Slow and steady yields the most results in both business and love this month.  You may feel some restrictions are unfair at work.  Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.  Speak kindly or not at all.   




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You might be getting annoyed by your neighbors this month.  Are they encroaching on your physical or psychic space?  Opposites attract until the first week of June.  After the 8th, you may think your love prospects are too heady and feeling a disconnect.  You’ve got plenty of energy to fight for what you want, especially in home life.  Unleash your inner mother bear if necessary.   It might be time to make some much needed adjustments.  


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You’re using opposition to level up this month Sagittarius.  You’re not taking no for an answer.  The past has valuable lessons for you, even if you like to keep looking forward.  Things may get a little emotional around the 4th, when you feel a big disconnect in communication.  Is someone hiding their passion?  Things open up if you encourage safety in communication.  Romance is built on safety and trust.  Be sure you’re allowing someone to show their whole self if you want love.



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It’s all about being a good parent to yourself right now, Capricorn.  You got the long game discipline down.  It’s time to nurture yourself with Mars in Cancer.  Be a good mother to yourself in June.  You may be feeling disconnected or not getting someone or something.  Don’t stress it.  Remember there’s two sides to every coin and some coins are worth more than others.  The nit-pickiness of others may grate at you.  There’s a forest and its trees to deal with all month long.  You’ll have to adjust your focus more than you’d like.






You’re enchanting in think tank settings right now.  You’ve got great ideas, and even better, you’re articulating them with power and panache.  Don’t lose steam come mid month.  Write your brilliant ideas down.  You don’t have to act on all ideas all at once.  A trip to somewhere from your past might not be well-advised now if you can help it.  It could be a money pit.  Think it through.   Focus on what gives you pleasure.  A few risks might bring great joy.





You may need to set a boundary with a smothering person mid month.  Even if you two get along well, their tendency to mother you may cause fights.  There’s two sided to every story, which is your lesson this month, with the sun in Gemini.  Don’t take sides in fights between couples.  What feels like home to you?  That’s a big question this month.






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