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October 2019

Read your sun, as well as your ascendant & moon sign if you know them.


aries brunette


Feeling the sexy tension yet?  It’s burgeoning, so if you’re already feeling a little steamy and dreamy, expect that feeling to come to its full blush around the October 13 full moon in your sign.  Welcome the intensity as Venus shifts from Libra to passionate Scorpio on October 8, in which a connection sweetens then deepens.

taurus brunette


What you see matters this month, with Mercury in your opposite sign of Scorpio.  Be very careful of what you start and what you communicate at the very end of the month.  Keep someone’s confidences and you’ll reap rewards.  A romantic connection that’s been sweet but a little heady takes a sultry turn for the better as the month progresses.  Reward progress!



gemini brunette

Gemini, your task this month is to reconcile cautious optimism and deluded fantasy.  Keep it real and pragmatic.  You may feel depleted by a drama queen or two, especially around Halloween.  Don’t let others punish you or scapegoat you for problems you didn’t create.  Something you may say in private may not set well.  Keep reticent at the end of the month.



cancer brunette


Cancer, you have to trust the rules that you’ve set out for yourself.  It’s hard because you want everyone to feel okay, but sometimes change requires growing pains.  Fairness in partnership come front-and-center early in the month.  Have you considered going something alone?  Perhaps it’s time to consider whether your dynamic duo in business or love is really serving you?  Is someone keeping you from doing what’s best for you because “we” is more important than “me”?  It’s not selfish to consider your own best interest.




leo brunette


Leo you may find yourself looking at the past saying “if I had only had this when….”  You can’t change the past.  It’s important right now to look for how your past built up patterns of scarcity thinking.  How much of your identity is still invested in being the under-dog or beta-lion?  You’ll be looking at the emotional content of the past in new ways throughout the month–perhaps even excavating a few secrets you kept even from yourself in the process.


virgo brunette


Mars shifts to Libra early in the month.  If you’ve felt besieged, then a ceasefire is possible.  A truce in a conflict can be achieved right up til Halloween.  However, check others for half-truths, mis-truths and misdirection.  Scratch under the surface of proposals and motives.  If you have a decision-making matrix that’s served you well in the past, now is not the time to budge too far from it.  Stay true to your long-held values and you will come through.



libra brunette


A sweet period in a relationship is followed by intense passion this month.  However, mid month, partners may need clarify their boundaries, which is healthy.  Libra, you’re learning how to relate differently.  With Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn squaring your sun, it’s time to look how being a good child, a nice girl or boy is keeping you from reaching the top.  Do you always need to respect authority?  What if authority figures were abusive or hypocritical?  Issues around autonomy and individuation get stirred up on the Aries full moon on October 13.  Go with it.  Go for it.



scorpio brunette


Scorpio, you’ve got the momentum you’ve been craving this month.  You’ll be setting the agenda quite literally.  Wield your power wisely, but take a step back near Halloween.  The new moon on October 27 is in your sign, but a Mercury retrograde comes on its heels on Halloween night.  Use those spooktacular days to reassess.  You’re still excavating money surprises from the past throughout the month, but you get the upper hand after the 8th, when Venus moves into your sign.  Don’t give up.



sagittarius brunette


Everyone sees the luck but no one sees the hard work that got you the good you’ve created.  You might be seeing a situation or a person from the past with rose-tinted glasses.  Don’t revise history that doesn’t need to be revised.  You’ll be tempted to do this the first few days of the month.  After the 3rd, your nostalgia kick will be over and you’ll get a breath of fresh air from all the Libra energy.  Expect and create cooperation.  Some light romantic banter may be what’s needed if you’re struggling with a crush.  October 13, the Aries full moon has you asserting who you are in your realm of influence.  It looks good on you.





capricorn brunette


This month, you’re saying, “It’s MY turn.”  Your characteristic patience is waning thin.  It’s time to step up and claim what’s yours.  You’ll be preocccupied about partnerships the first week of the month.  Some may see your decisions as cold or unfeeling.  There’s deep feelings here, but no one needs to know your feelings but you and those you can trust.  Expect people to weaponize what’s not said, or left unsaid towards the end of the month.  Get your contracts and endings done before Halloween.




aquarius brunette


You’ve got fresh ideas, with all the Libra energy floating about, but you’ve got a nagging suspicion there’s information being withheld from you, especially as the month progresses.  Focus on what’s NOT being said or is incomplete.  Likewise, themes of birth and death, life passages, may be a new creative outlet or a new crusade towards the end of the month. Money issues from the past may come up from October 8th forward.  You may have to revisit old contracts or negotiations to move something new and exciting forward.



pisces brunette


You’ll feel better as the month goes along.  Mars moves out of Virgo early in the month, so the fight over the minutiae that’s been dampening your enthusiasm dies down.  You’ll be feeling very artistically moved most of the month.  You’ll feel inspiration everywhere and have good balance between what excites your mental curiosity and what stirs your heart.  Use this inspiration and create!  Late in the month, you’ll crave going deeper as fellow water-sign Scorpio makes it’s energy felt.  Expect a deep inner revelation between October 27 and October 31.  It’s time to trust yourself to take a deeper dive into what moves you.






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