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August 2019

Read your sun, as well as your ascendant & moon sign if you know them.





aries brunetteThis August, any negative self-talk you may have allowed will taper off.  You’ve got a much clearer picture where you stand with others, and more importantly, yourself.  You may be still looking to the past for answers, but it’s important to find passion and play in the present, especially til mid-month.  You’ll feel more expansive when Jupiter comes out of retrograde in fellow fire sign Sagittarius after 8/11.  It’s time to rebuild your life around what makes you passionate.
taurus brunette

Midmonth, prepare for a “blast from the past”.  There’s something in your life that’s overdue and it’s time to collect.  Information about the past may shock you or stir up some deep feelings.  A few days later, an Aquarius full moon snaps you back into thinking about the future.  What do you need to revolt against?  Venus and Mars in Leo midmonth make for some spicy, playful opportunities in love, but keep it light.  Love is a game.   Keep it light and fun with any love interests at this time.






gemini brunette

You’ll finally stop beating that dead horse on 8/11 when Jupiter goes direct in your opposite sign, Sagittarius.  If you’ve been struggling to expand your influence, opportunities will start to flood in.  Manage the tide.  You may be clinging to a past delusion though, or “what should have been”.  It’s time to drop that and look forward into the future, especially on the 8/15 full moon in Aquarius.  What part of the future are your building?




cancer brunette


You’re articulating yourself better this month, Cancer.  Careful, though, to sort out fantasy from reality.  It’s easy to get heated and over-dramatic in matters of the heart.  Keep it grounded and real and demand sincerity in all your dealings, personal and professional.  Many of you are still in the process of dealing with the “ghosts of Christmas past”—a problem you may have even inherited.  Patience pays.  Patience wins.



leo brunette



Leo, you’re going to need a personal assistant to keep your social calendar in order this month. Bask in your magnetism, with Venus and Mars both in your sign.  You start and end this month with a bang—so make it worthwhile.  Just be sure you’re feeding your fire with a little self-care.  A lot of people will be clamoring for your time and energy.  Mid month, it’s time take a big, bold leap and create the future you’ve always wanted.  What new, innovative energy can your bring into your life?


virgo brunette


There seems to be a lot of fuss around you, Virgo, that you’re admirably keeping at bay as you work steadily and quietly towards your goals.  You’re unraveling a past memory or incident,  but stick to the facts.  Facts and feelings aren’t the same.  If you feel your luck has been stuck, your load lightens near 8/11, but you’ll still feel some tensions or misgivings.  At the end of the month, the new moon in your sign gives you a fresh perspective.





libra brunetteIf you’ve felt like you’ve been saying the wrong thing, that pattern ends in August.  You’re speaking from your deep feelings and people are taking notice, even if they don’t like what you have to say.  Issues with your father, your baby daddy, or even authority figures are still grating at you.  Stop asking for permission when you don’t need it.  It will become clearer to you on the Aquarius full moon that sometimes it’s okay not to obey every single rule.





scorpio brunette


Scorpio, we know what you’re up to…You’re hiding and planning your world domination.  A few folks out there ARE asking, “Where’s Scorpio?”  You might be a little shell-shocked from the Uranian energy butting up against your sign.  This month, your idea of the past might get disrupted too, as a tidbit of information unknown to you re-frames a treasured relationship.  In love, it might get steamy, especially mid-month.  Keep the banter sexy, not combative, and you might find a sexy sparring partner who can match your intensity.



sagittarius brunetteAugust 11 is your lucky day!  Your ruler, Jupiter, the great benefic, comes out of retrograde.  In fact, you may already be planning your party.  With Venus and Mars in Leo, it could get a little sexy too.  You may be still healing some old junk or thinking about yourself in a new way.  When it gets uncomfortable, think about how far you’ve come and then throw yourself another party!  The focus on details at the end of the month may have you feeling hemmed in.  Focus on hitting your targets and outsource the detailed work if needed.  Keep your vibe high.





capricorn brunette

There’s likely to be a disconnect in love this month, Capricorn.  Your ice meets Leo’s fire and it’s got to get steamy and dreamy or it might be time to take a break.  You’re trying to rebuild something precious to you.  Shocking details from the past may make you combative around the 17th; stay the course.  What’s done is done and the only thing you can change is you.  You’re still in the catbird seat in relation to others, even if it doesn’t feel so great.  Trust your judgement and commit to fair play and you’ll come out ahead.




aquarius brunette


August is a tremendously creative month for you.  Mid-month, it’s time to expand your vision.  Ask yourself, “How big can I go?”  Then double it.  It’s time to go big.  Accept that there may some shocks—these are growth spurt opportunities for you if you don’t get too fixated on things going exactly your way.  You don’t have to complete agreement with all the team to keep up the momentum.  In fact, a little creative tension keeps the wheel turning.






pisces brunette

After a long stasis, you’re ready to act on 8/11.  You’ve been in the process of seeking the truth and re-aligning your values system.  It’s time to expand.  Travel to a new locale brings insight.  You might have to contend with hurtful details mid-month or take a personal inventory about how you’ve contributed to a conflict.  If you must fight someone or something, fight fairly.  The end of August brings you clarity about a bugaboo from the past.






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