“The Central Authority” Movie Wraps Production

The much-awaited new comedy, “The Central Authority,” has wrapped production. The film which satirizes the current world situation, is now complete, according to producers.

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The Central Authority HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Oct. 1, 2020 – PRLog —

Using the technology available, producers of the film, believe, “The Central Authority,” is the first full length completely socially distanced feature film.

Written by Dana Olita and Kristin West, the film takes place in a dystopian future where a pandemic has caused the world-wide collapse of governments. A Central Authority has risen to maintain law and order and control the supply chain of goods and services. Because most people are stuck at home, entertainment has become a premium commodity. The Central Authority has created a channel for citizens to create their own content.

The film depicts a normal day of programming. The shows range from parodies of talk shows, cooking, exercise, and reality shows, children’s programming and even a homemade music video complete with behind the scenes footage. Of course, there are fake news segments too. Interspersed throughout the day are reminders from the Central Authority, to “wash your hands,” “wear your masks,” and “keep a social distance.”   In exchange for creating this programming, citizens are compensated and given higher places in line for goods in short supply. Compensation is based on ratings of each show. However, if you fail to meet The Central Authority’s minimum guideline, The Central Authority cancels your show, and your life.

The Central Authority has been a brave undertaking in these hazardous times. “We knew this was a huge endeavor going in,” said West, who co-directed with Armin Nasseri. “We were forced to use the technology available, which meant doing some unusual things.” Those “unusual things” included dusting off some archaic film techniques and using brand new processes. “We gave ourselves permission to fail,” says West, “but things worked out fine in the end.”

Those processes including having actors from all over the world come together on the screen. Actress Anna Elena Pepe, who plays Dr Zhivaga, a government sexologist, says it was an experience for her like no other, “I was in London, and my scene partner (LaChelle Allen) was in Los Angeles. ‘It was fantastic.'”

“The actors were the key,” according to Olita, “We basically let them pick and choose characters and wrote around their choices.” West agrees, “We gave our actors a tremendous amount of freedom, there was a lot of improvisation. Everyone gave great performances and the chemistry the actors have with one and other is magical.”

In addition to West, Olita and Nasseri, The Central Authority uses an ensemble cast of working actors, Tick Tock stars, comics and podcast hosts: LaChelle Allen, Brandy Bryant, April Monique Burrill,  Jimmyo Burrill, Lilly Burrill, Candice Callins, Charles Chudabala, Rodney Damon Collins, Michael Coulombe, Lauren DeLeon, Vanessa Esparanza, Jonathan Freeman-Anderson, Sara Gaston, Katie Gordon, Nate Gordon, Joe Grisaffi, Josh Hutchinson, Betsy Johnson, Allison Michelle, Rory Ogden, Marco Antonio Parra, Anna Elena Pepe, Jake Red, Genoveva Rossi, Nailya Shakirova, Narlyia Sterling, Todd Stroik, and Cristina Vargas. Nasseri said he was “proud to work with such a strong group of diverse actors.” Inclusion has been a recurring theme in Nasseri’s films, with award winning shorts The Carting Call, and Seeking Valentina, already under his belt, Nasseri felt like this was the perfect vehicle for him as a director, editor and actor.

The Central Authority is written by Dana Olita and Kristin West, directed by Armin Nasseri and Kristin West, and produced by Matt Chassin, Armin Nasseri, Dana Olita, Narlyia Sterling, Kristin West and Quarantini Productions.

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April Foolishness

April Fool’s Day…a day of bad jokes and silly pranks…the unofficial holiday of every class clown, every comedian and every comedy actor.  With the year nearly a quarter over, it’s time to pause and think about the ways we’ve been foolish too, especially with our priorities for the year.

foolOf course, my inner hermeticist also thinks of The Fool Card, and it’s number, zero.  What cliff am I too close to for comfort?  Am I going to tumble over, get pushed or take a flying leap? Zero–what in my life needs spring cleaning or a clean slate?

It’s foolish to pursue your dreams.  Do it anyway.

It’s foolish to choose passion over security.  Do it anyway.

It’s foolish to choose the new over the devil-you-know.  Do it anyway.

A fool that learns from their experiences–their falls–is no longer a fool  Enough falls means the beginnings of wisdom.  Get up, fall again, repeat.  I’ve had to become very “okay” with failure in the past year.  I’ve had to become very “okay” with things not working out the way I very much wanted, that some situations I wanted could not be forced into my so-called “right direction” despite my best and sincere efforts.

Failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure.  So many of us feel pressure to “make something happen” and we discount that so much of success in career, our success in relationships, or success in life in general depends on cooperating with others with right intentions and often, good timing.  You shouldn’t build a rock house on sand.  The foundation isn’t right to support the weight.  A business venture that’s too ahead of its time might languish.  A relationship where two people seem good together, but don’t have the same intentions, will often fail.   You’re only a failure if you don’t get the lesson from the experience, if you fell of the cliff without the lesson, if you’re bitter and not BETTER.

I think one of the great joys in life is being a fool, if you approach it the right way, not being reckless for the sake of being reckless. Being a good fool means that you are open to experience, good or bad, come what may, and that you have some healthy curiosity.  You don’t have to know it all.  You just have to have a lust to experience it all–or what you want of “it all”.  You’re not closed off.  So many people claim to “know” things they actually have no direct experience in whatsoever.  They’re relying on  the second-hand truths of fools who had the courage (or naivete) to ask “what if”.

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Ultimately, I think good foolishness is foolishness with intent–not just wandering for the sake of wandering, but moving with intent, even if it means you get precariously close to some cliffs from time to time, literal or emotional.  If you find yourself being foolish or accused of being foolish, check on your intent.  Is your path of action serving to grow you or is this some kind of distraction?

Happy April Fool’s Day!  Wishing you healthy foolishness and healthy curiosity now and always!






Behind the Scenes of The Litch

This week, I got to have a fun part in The Litch, directed by James Balsalmo of Acid Bath Productions.  It was a high-spirited, improvisational shoot.  Coming out later this year, the film also stars Tom Sizemore, the legendary  Lloyd Kaufman and fellow scream queen Genoveva Rossi.  James is creative, collaborative and fun and I told our manager Matt Chassin that he was like the “Christopher Guest of horror”.  This is sure to be a fun horror comedy.

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Armin Nasseri of Seeking Valentina fame was also on-hand helping with our scene. It was great to have his positive energy there.  I can’t wait to see it debut on the big screen later this year!

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