Reclaiming “Fat” on Fat Tuesday

It’s time to get past the fat tropes and complicate “fat”.  It’s not a state of being, a character defect or a joke.  It’s a medical condition that needs attention and also compassion.  My takeaway from all of this is that “fatness” doesn’t preclude happiness.  You have a right to be happy, fat or thin.  However, we each have to claim and create space for our happiness.  Part of happiness is treating ourselves well, no matter how others speak about us.  The word “fat” needs complicating and compassion at the same time.

Giving Myself Time

It seems like there’s never enough time.  We pack our schedules full, keep busy, keep moving and still, there’s an emptiness.  Time just flies, and we have so little time for ourselves. This past week, I resolved to give myself some time back.  I resolved not to just wake up and do, do, do.  IContinue reading “Giving Myself Time”

Where Are You Now?

It’s so hard to stay in the moment.  It’s easy to obsess over the past or ruminate about the future–the should-s, the could-s, the would-s–but the present is a very elusive thing.  For me, part of being more body positive is getting more present, heavy or not, plus size or not.   There’s a lot ofContinue reading “Where Are You Now?”