“Horror Talk with Kristin West” Season 2 Trailer is Out!

So happy to show everyone our Season 2 trailer of Horror Talk with Kristin West! Keep tabs on this page & Horrornews.net. Our Season 2 premiere episode with Dee Wallace at Hollywood Horror Fest will debut on Oct 12th, brought to you by San Antonio Film Commission!   Dee Wallace is our first guest on Season 2 of Horror Talk with KristinContinue reading ““Horror Talk with Kristin West” Season 2 Trailer is Out!”

Losing My Shit over IP and Copyright Issues

I write 12 horoscopes a week, which takes me about two hours. I publish a daily astro tidbit every night on Instagram, which takes 15 min. I do a live radio interview weekly for 50 minutes.  I prepare at least 10 questions.  It takes me about an hour of prep per show, in addition toContinue reading “Losing My Shit over IP and Copyright Issues”

Hollywood’s Problem Starts in High School

Women’s narratological problems start off long before a screenplay gets optioned by the studios and directors are hired.  It starts in high school, with the ways we are taught narrative structure.