“Many sensitive people are loving warriors. We love, observe and care deeply. That doesn’t mean we’re going to take callous or abusive treatment or spend hours crying about it.

Secondly, we’re not all drama queens. We’re not all acting out our own versions of ‘The Princess and the Pea’. Not all sensitive people are prissy. In fact, we’re highly adaptive. There are some people who use their sensitivity as an excuse or weaponize their sensitive natures, but healthy sensitive people know and acknowledge their sensitivities and adopt healthy coping skills,”  Kristin West

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Appreciating the Small Victories

“Appreciate the small victories. Not every opportunity is a big opportunity but can lead to bigger opportunities. Take time for gratitude.”

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Your Sign & Your Career Struggles


Check out this article by Lindsay Tigar for Horoscope.com.  I weighed in on what the signs struggle with in their careers.


“Of the entire zodiac, West gives Cancers the gold star for multitasking because they’re the ‘mothers’ of the signs,” Lindsay Tigar, Horoscope.com

The Gemini Bride

“The Gemini bride will fuss over the invitations—the font, the words, the paper stock—and will be very preoccupied over the wedding officiant,” says West. “Her officiant has to be an inspiring speaker and someone she trusts to set the tone of her wedding.”   Kristin West for Brides

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